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Bump, still looking. Any conservative color (e.g. gray, brown) also works. Thanks, guys.
If you're a 11.5 by any chance, they have them here:http://www.hhv.de/shop/en/item/nike-lunar-flyknit-chukka-tarp-green-black-317279With shipping included, they're below retail.
eBay. This colorway was pretty popular when it came out and is pretty much sold out everywhere. Other colorways are available on a multitude of sites, though.
Just ordered these bad boys...don't think I've ever been this excited for a pair of shoes before.
Anybody know when TOJ's going to stop accepting orders?
To each his own. I have a navy peacoat, and, like your charcoal overcoat, it also goes with everything.
I'm surprised Borrelli is tier one. I had a Borrelli six-fold for the longest time, and I couldn't tie a decent looking knot with it to save my life. The material was also on the rigid side compared to all my other ties.
"I'm getting a black peacoat, since black can be worn with anything." I disagree; as is the case with suits, I find that a navy or charcoal peacoat is more versatile than a black one. Of course it depends on the person and his/her visual tastes, but I think black and brown look horrible together. There's a reason no one wears brown shoes with a tuxedo. On the other hand, black and brown both work with navy and charcoal. The peacoat is one of the staples of traditional...
Definitely Uniqlo Airism
Good lord, if only that vibrant blue Borrelli were in 40R...
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