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If only these were an 8.5... bump for beautiful boots.
Just bought these on eBay, and unfortunately I needed an 8. I took them out of the package and tried them on, but that's it. They are gorgeous boots in basically new condition. Here's the description from when I bought them: Men's size 9EEE Vintage Hy-Test Steel Toe Work/Hunting Boots. Features an all black high quality genuine leather upper with quality white stitching and a very very hard sturdy seal-flex oil resistant sole and heel with anchor flange. These boots...
SOLD SOLD SOLD This is a pair of the Naked and Famous collaboration with Oni from last year. The denim is gorgeous, but I've just been too absorbed in completely destroying a pair of Momotaros to wear any other jeans. Take advantage of my monomania and stupidity! I've worn them 3-4 days intermittently, hence the slight creasing, but there is absolutely no fading. They've been soaked, so keep that in mind with the measurements. Waist: 16 1/4" laid flat Rise: 8...
JUST bought these off not too tight and realized they are way too big. My bad! They're one-wash (I think he soaked them once, too). Looking to get $120 shipped, since that's what I payed. They're very beautiful, authentic, Made in the USA, etc., but I'm too small! I'm using his pics and measurements, since I just got the package, tried them on, and realized they were not the right size. Measurements - W - 15.75" FR - 11.5" BR - 15.75 UT - 12" K - 8.5" LO - 7.75" I -...
Very into those sz 29 SEXSC06s. PM sent.
Were the SCs soaked? Interested, but curious.
Very interested in $75 deal. PM sent.
Is that right-rear pocket wallet budge as faded as it looks in that one picture? That's impressive wear on these for 3 weeks. Still interested, just wondering.
Very interested (but can't yet send pms). I'll give you $215 shipped for them. (but let us know if you get other offers!)
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