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Howdy folks, I recently won this auction, and found that I've finally found shoes wide enough for my funny little duck feet. Unfortunately, it looks like 8.5 is a little too long for me in the Alden modified last. I'd love for my loss to become someone else's gain, and to pass these on, rather than return them. The shoes are totally gorgeous, new (they were a floor model, I think, but you can see the near-perfect condition and lack of creasing on the photos), and I only...
If only these were an 8.5... bump for beautiful boots.
Just bought these on eBay, and unfortunately I needed an 8. I took them out of the package and tried them on, but that's it. They are gorgeous boots in basically new condition. Here's the description from when I bought them: Men's size 9EEE Vintage Hy-Test Steel Toe Work/Hunting Boots. Features an all black high quality genuine leather upper with quality white stitching and a very very hard sturdy seal-flex oil resistant sole and heel with anchor flange. These boots...
SOLD SOLD SOLD This is a pair of the Naked and Famous collaboration with Oni from last year. The denim is gorgeous, but I've just been too absorbed in completely destroying a pair of Momotaros to wear any other jeans. Take advantage of my monomania and stupidity! I've worn them 3-4 days intermittently, hence the slight creasing, but there is absolutely no fading. They've been soaked, so keep that in mind with the measurements. Waist: 16 1/4" laid flat Rise: 8...
JUST bought these off not too tight and realized they are way too big. My bad! They're one-wash (I think he soaked them once, too). Looking to get $120 shipped, since that's what I payed. They're very beautiful, authentic, Made in the USA, etc., but I'm too small! I'm using his pics and measurements, since I just got the package, tried them on, and realized they were not the right size. Measurements - W - 15.75" FR - 11.5" BR - 15.75 UT - 12" K - 8.5" LO - 7.75" I -...
Very into those sz 29 SEXSC06s. PM sent.
Were the SCs soaked? Interested, but curious.
Very interested in $75 deal. PM sent.
Is that right-rear pocket wallet budge as faded as it looks in that one picture? That's impressive wear on these for 3 weeks. Still interested, just wondering.
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