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well, i drink green smoothies that include lots of fruit. i use lots of bananas and other sweet fruits like mangos along with spinach or kale. i use young thai coconut water as a base. this makes for a filling meal. the thing is, you feel a great amount of energy from this which in turn makes you want to exercise. its fuel. i couldnt gain fat if i tried. i think starchy carbs would contribute more to that since they take longer to digest. fruits when eaten on an empty...
fuck cream. take a silica supplement or eat a cucumber everyday. i prefer juicing them and slamming it down the hatch. good skin comes from the inside out. actually, if the cream contains silica then it would be worth a try. theres just so many nasty ingredients in skincare products though.
i like merrell trail gloves for running
can you good folk recommend a brand of plain tees where the sleeves are higher up on the arms, like around the lower deltoids. j.crew xs dont really cut it. i kind of got some bruce lee action going on and want to showcase it
do new cures stretch in the knee/calf?
whats your natural waist size? will these stretch more in the waist? i have some 27 nc and they fit perfectly in the waist (30 natural)
what are the measurements on the 30x32?
I got 2 iTunes gift cards valued at $10 each. They are yours for $15.55 I can ship them or scratch off the numbers and give them to you.
What do these measure right now in the waist?
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