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Yeah, certainly chukkas. Could you add the heal to toe outsole measurement to your listing please? Edit: drat, a bit too large. Thanks tradernick.
While I suspect this one may be a non-starter, the filtering options on the BST boards do not work in Opera. Looks to be something wrong with loading the YUI selector-css3. Next, two CSS3 properties are used inconsistently with regard to vendor prefixes: border-radius and box-shadow. Both gecko and webkit still need their respective -moz- and -webkit- prefixes. However, both these properties have been finalized in the CSS3 spec so should also be entered without...
allreds: measure BiG style, detailed here: I'm more interested in thigh and hem measurements and BiG style includes these important details. Also, don't bump your own sale thread without a 5% price drop. It's against the rules and you'll have your thread locked and you can be banned from the sale forum.
WTB goes here:
Sell them then buy a pair that fits. Tailoring to that extent has too many variables that could result in them becoming unwearable, and unsellable.
cloudshift: you need to drop your price by 5% if you want to bump. See here:
Quote: Originally Posted by XeF4 Irish wisky. This. 1 1/2 oz Irish whiskey 1 tsp brown sugar 6 oz hot coffee heavy cream floated on top
Quote: Originally Posted by willjwoo drop Quote: Originally Posted by willjwoo Last edited by willjwoo : Today at 11:23 AM. Your last "drop" didn't have a drop.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid Can any places do tapers All of them. What tailor wouldn't?
I went the DE route for 9 months but it didn't work out for me. My hair grows at a very very shallow angle on my neck and the extra close shave of a DE setup resulted in constant ingrown hairs. My journey brought me from a cheapo remmington to mach3 to DE (fatboy + derby + Proraso and Tabac) then back to electric, a wet/dry Panasonic. So far I personally have been most satisfied with the Panasonic, which I use in the shower but still with the Proraso. If you want...
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