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i'm going on saturday, this a bonanza for my work attire as well. Thank you
wow thank you that's amazing.
Hi all, I need to start looking for a tuxedo for my wedding this summer in Los Angeles. Do any locals have suggestions for places to shop? Barneys, Neiman Marcus, Sacks and Bloomingdales actually have pretty limited selection.
deleted post
Hey there - what were the pants originally sized at on the tag? Are they the regular or ludlow slim?
J.Crew's famous Ludlow suit jacket in two-button navy with a double vent. Worn a handful of times but never altered, I've lost some weight and shrunk down to a 38. Free shipping in the US.
Was cleaning out my closet in preparation for a new suit & tie job and found these still in the RRL shopping bag, never been worn, and likely never to, so I'm putting them up for grabs. Can ship overnight fedex if we can close a deal this week.
Have a gift card worth $650 usable at either store and could frankly use the cash. Will accept Paypal as gift and ship overnight FedEx on me.
Two gift cards, one for $88 and one for $17. Will fedex overnight in the US for free.
Purchased in April at the Babour Soho store in NYC and worn only a handful of times. I just don't like the cut for me and wish I got a 34. Its still a classic, and great for fall/winter layering. Will ship overnight anywhere in the US for free.
New Posts  All Forums: