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I don't have a super good understanding of this, but FWIW ... I live in an area with very hard water. My understanding is that soap works much less well under those conditions (no, I don't know how to describe what's going on technically). When I had a water softener put in, for example, the guy who put it in (whom I trust) explained I'd be able to use much less detergent in my dish and clothers washers, and the results would be better. I've certainly found that to be...
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh ... I think people had the best luck phoning in orders rather than trying to order online. "Best luck" in what sense: not ordering what they don't have? I ordered the suede chukkas yesterday, so guess at this point I'll just cross my fingers.
Anybody know how barba shirts generally fit? I bought one on ebay while back, but the neck was smaller than tagged (I'm a 16 1/2; it was too tight).
Quote: Originally Posted by Dewey Loafers are for loafing. If you are doing a lot of walking, you are not loafing. Yeah, good point.
I've the same question: new (first) pair of loafers that have about a finger's worth of space in the heel, and which slip. Normal, or too big?
Quote: Originally Posted by Sartorialist.di.Roma Can someone who has purchased from Rick's Tailoring confirm that this holds for these Venanzi gloves? In a PM, Jeff mentioned there's been talk these gloves are a little small.
So what's the status on these (the 8.5s)?
So in poking around a bit, I gather it's possible to get a Greenfield MTM suit for not much more than these Gilt prices (one SF user got one for $1100 direct from the factory two years ago). So am getting the feeling these prices are likely fair, but not particularly great? Really tough that they don't offer money back for returned suits.
Quote: Originally Posted by Peak and Pine I went to a fair last fall and saw a real, live alpaca. Nearby was a real, live llama. They looked similar except one was a lot taller. Are fabrics made from llama wool too? No; I think it's too course or something.
Measurements on the RRL chinos?
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