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Quote: Originally Posted by somatoform You're breaking my heart, man. I can't believe I missed that sale.... I hear you. This is the first gilt sale where I've managed to get the the style and size (which, BTW, turned out to be a 35; these are a little bigger than tagged) I was looking for.
Quote: Originally Posted by BossTweed Does anyone know if the "Selvage Jeans" being sold on Gilt right now are the Classic Fit or the Pipe Leg fit? They are indeed the Classic, with button fly.
What are the sleeve lengths on the 16.5s?
Quote: Originally Posted by Sam Hober I think that the camera's sensor acting on the white background that we have often used caused much of the problem. I see many great forum pictures of ties on wood tables that look like very little work went into the photos yet the colors are very real. I would be happy to buy a new camera with a better sensor if it would give better white balance. Currently we are using a Konica Minolta that is the last...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sam Hober It is true that many of the photographs that are posted look much better than what is in our store. I am sure that I need to buy a new camera or perhaps read the manual? The most critical difference will be in lighting. If you can manage to get them lit using a smooth, diffuse, light (like from a large north-facing window, or on a hazy day), that would likely help a lot. Might also help if the ties weren't...
One more question that I don't believe you've covered yet: What are your thoughts on photochromatic (transitions and such) lenses? Tacky marketing gimmick, or useful innovation?
OK, thanks; got it! Do you have any recommendations about figuring out a "good running [local] optical"? Are there particular things to look for or ask about, beyond price? Or is it more a question of word-of-mouth recommendations, etc.?
Quote: Originally Posted by CityConnection Sorry can you find the whole post. I don't even remember writing that comment. What was it regarding? It's here. You were replying to someone asking about buying frames online but bringing them in to a B&M to have the prescription filled. I wasn't clear on exactly what you were recommending.
CityConnection: Quote: Originally Posted by CityConnection ... I have a post on blog about buying online vs. buying in stores... but if you are buying online there is no point in taking it to your optometrist because they will source it out anyways. You might as well as go to an optical, maybe they will cut the lenses on site which will reduce costs... Can you clarify what you mean by the term "optical" above?
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