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What's the P3?
You don't need a DSLR here. Just do it in good, preferably shaded (e.g. not direct sunlight), daylight.
Drop down menu for fora is buggy on Chrome (at least on Linux; FF renders it fine).
How often do you find yourself wearing the brown, either as full suit, or just jacket?
Anyone familiar with a frame something like this, but that lists for far lower than the $675 this one (Thom Browne) lists for?
Just curious: how do you conclude this from the pics?
Two things on this, having recently asked the Vass sales guy about related questions:First, I'm pretty sure he said, or at least suggested, they've stopped making shoes on the banana last.Second, he agreed with this description that the P2 is "a slimmer and more elegant version of the banana."
^ Can you say more about the difference between the P2 and the Carmina Forest?
Someone earlier suggested CurrencyFair as possibly a cheap and easy way to send money to Vass. Can anyone confirm that?
Great!Make sure you follow the earlier suggestion to tag each post.
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