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Hard to say. Maybe.The story idea is interesting. But I like to think I care more about substance than marketing. So to the degree there's some vision or story behind the product, I'd like more clear insight into how it actually translates into design and manufacture.
Not sure, but FWIW, mine are both double sole.
I have both, and don't think you can go wrong; just flip a coin.Here's a (not so good cell phone) picture of my wingtips.
This.Worth nothing that NMWA has quite reasonable Vass prices (as in, a bit cheaper than a proxy; not sure how it compares to direct) when on sale.
Would be nice to confirm. I had been led to believe (by someone from Vass who's english is not perfect, so I may have misinterpreted) that they don't make it anymore.Can you describe how the last fits?
I'm confused: did you get measured in person, or not?And as I look at this pic, I'm wondering if one these gizmos, supplemented with a few extra measurements, and a picture of the feet, might be a feasible way to get a good fit?
FWIW ...I have normal width feet. But when I visited Moulded Shoe to try on some Alden ML awhile back, I also asked if they had any athletic shoes they recommended. They pointed me to the New Balance M990, which is on their SL-1 last. Given their range of lasts, and widths, I'd say NB is a good option.
I don't know where you get this impression. Their website even encourages this ("Please bring the last suit fitted by us in order for us to gauge alterations in measurement as well as pattern. We aim to keep our records updated frequently so that garments will come out fitted as perfectly as possible every time.")!Your plan is perfectly fine. Just don't call step 2 "fitting"; at that point, you're being measured.And maybe do a little research reading an existing thread,...
I was thinking 3636 as well. It's definitely not R.
That Theresianer on the bottom right (right next to the Budapester on the frame edge): what last is that?
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