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I've had a few of the lower-end upholstered pieces in the $500 - $800 range for a few years now - seem to be holding up quite well. I don't have much knowledge as to what constitutes quality construction but I believe consumer mags used to rate them pretty highly. I can say the customer service is top-notch. I noticed a flaw in a coffee table after delivery and they came back with a replacement scheduled at my convenience - no muss no fuss. If you live within a...
Quote: Originally Posted by chenc KECES DA-151 USB DAC if you store your CD in hard drive. Excellent sound and value. I used to own one until I upgraded to Benchmark DAC1 Pre. Seems like a good recommendation, but only if you feel an external DAC will outperform your receiver's.
Hard to say. Length is OK, but if I had gone to 3E it might've been too wide in the heel. The problem is really in the toe area. Guess it's a last that just didn't work for me, maybe it will for you. Otherwise I like the shoe and hope the fit will continue to improve.
I wear a 10.5 E in other AE shoes and found the same size Eastport to be unusually tight in the toes. I understand boat shoes should be snug, but I think they're overly so. Shoe trees and wear seem to be stretching them out a bit, but too much effort for the price IMO.
My advice would be as follows: 1. Upgrade the sound card on the PC you posted this thread with. Make sure it has digital output capability (optical, HDMI, etc.) for future receiver connectivity. 2. Burn CDs to hard drive using lossless format of your choice. 3. Download free playback software such as Foobar, or just use WMP. I'd suggest the freeware though. 4. Plug headphones in and enjoy. When the time comes, invest in the absolute best speakers you can...
As an aside, Primal Scream did a pretty nice album inspired by this movie, sort of a soundtrack after the fact. Couple of tracks from it are also on their best-of.
Oh, almost forgot Desmond Williams' Delights of the Garden. He's on Thievery's ESL label, which also has several enjoyable compilations out.
Here are a few favorites for electronic chillout music, no particular order: Stereolab: Emperor Tomato Ketchup and Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements Thievery Corporation: any of the earlier ones, maybe start with Sounds from the T.C. Hi-Fi Tosca: Suzuki Bill Laswell: ROIR Dub Sessions (sampler from several recordings) and Radioaxiom: A Dub Transmission (with Jah Wobble) St. Germain: Tourist Bent: Programmed to Love Blue States: ...
Quote: Originally Posted by rick indy boot is not tts you will be fine with the half size down. Quote: Originally Posted by enigma77 +1. If you're a 9D usually, for instance (don't know what your actual size is), you should buy 8.5D in Trubalance. You're good. Thanks guys. Normally a 10.5 E so ordered a 10 E. I've found I can wear a variety of lasts from AE and BB so thought it would be worth the gamble.
403 update: On week 15 since original order date with North River Outfitters. Requests for updates get a form letter at this point, so I contacted Alden directly. They confirm an estimated 18-week lead time at this point. I went a half-size down on my order based on what I thought was a general consensus as to fit, it's dismaying to see recent posts suggesting the Indy is TTS.
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