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I usually just head for Marshalls/TJ Maxx. Lots of stuff from Nike/Adidas/Asics etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by username79 Laptop playing AAC lossless via TOSLINK into Onkyo. Squeezeserver w/ iTunes as management. Just curious - have you tried connecting a hard drive with your music files directly to the USB port? This would be one of the key benefits of upgrading from my Onkyo 705.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar I got the GIT and OV from Walgreens. The Creed from Walgreens is the real deal, correct box, correct logo, correct spelling, correct sprayer, correct nozzle, correct font, correct bottle, correct stem/spray mech. etc. The smell is correct, but thats the only subjective, but most important, variable. No EDT/Toilet water at all mentioned on both bottle, only MILLESIME (EDP) on box. Regards. The top line...
As soon as you plug it in Windows should recognize it as a playback device, or if not the DAC should come with an installer. Then just select it as the default playback device in Windows audio settings. If you prefer not to have it as the default, see if your playback software will allow you to select it independently. Foobar will, for example.
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot. Put aside a sixpack last winter.
Try the "Blue Yule" comp on Rhino. +1 on John Fahey's "The New Possibility".
Quote: Originally Posted by otc None of these ikea things are deep enough for a real receiver...real PITA Shelf height is getting to be a problem too - receivers I've been eyeing lately are almost 8" tall and need additional ventilation space. I wound up going with a console table with a single sturdy lower shelf for receiver, DVD and cable box. Center channel is on a bracket that attaches to the top of the TV. If you prefer to go with...
Do you have any other A/V equipment? Your proposed stands seem to suggest that you do - if not, any console table of your choice would hold the TV and could be re-purposed later.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero The ferris wheel scene is a big time winner. Yup. Followed by my two personal favorite scenes: the fingers through the grate and the incredible final shot.
The Third Man.
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