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Check out the Bruges beer glass on Crate and Barrel's website.
J Crew has a few Baracuta G4 slims and G9s on sale with additional 30% off.
Got mine today as well. Came in a generic BB shoebox with the code labels taped over the old ones. No bags. Shoes were fully laced but untied, with a very tiny bit of abrasion on each sole. These were probably a display pair since the original box and bags are absent. Shoes are perfect otherwise. The real question was whether they would fit widthwise since I take an E - happy to report they fit just fine. Very pleased to have gotten these at this price, cheers to...
As a 10.5 E, I couldn't get either the UK 9.5 or 10 to work in the brogue shoe or boot. Just too big or too small. I probably would have been OK with the UK 10 boot, but at least with the pair I had, the area at the bottom of the tongue pinched my foot. Odd, considering it was extra-roomy in the toes. The Henley oxford, on the other hand, worked fine in a UK 10. Nice shoe, it's a keeper for me. I suspect D widths may find it wide though.
LL Bean.
AE Bayfield boot in brown chromexcel and AE Leeds.
Thanks for posting this - I invested in boots, brogues and captoes. In return, will post size impressions. I'm a 10.5 E US, went with UK 10. Opinion seems divided in the STP reviews and elsewhere regarding sizing down a half- or full-size so we'll just have to wait and see. Just curious: are these the "brogue" boots currently on sale at Orvis? I ordered a pair but returned twice due to defects.
Took me three tries to get an acceptable pair. Customer service at my local AE store was outstanding, on the third go-round they ordered a couple of pairs to be on the safe side. As I recall, the problem on the first was "elephant hide" texture in some areas (probably should have just kept that pair and been done with it.) The problem on the second was uneven lace flaps on one of the boots so that the laces were slanted, a definite no-no. But the pair I wound up with...
I picked it up from J Crew. It's a densely-knit, substantial scarf that seems like it should be quite warm. I like the varied knit patterns, and the "deep royal" color from J. Crew I would call "purple". It's not scratchy but not as soft as merino or cashmere. It's over 6', long enough to fold in half and pull the ends through the loop, at least on my neck. I like it OK, but may return it anyway - not sure it's worth $70 and I've got a lotta scarves.
Almost forgot - if you go to open studios and the like, bring your checkbook. It's likely to be cash or check only.
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