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I never saw much Tramontina instore except a couple skillets and dutch ovens, but ship to store was free. One thing to watch out for with stainless - some lines are tri-ply all over, some have just a thick layered disk on the bottom. The bottom-only type should work OK and is cheaper if you're on a budget, you should just be aware of what you're getting. I've seen both types from Cuisinart and Macy's. Everything All Clad makes is tri-ply all over AFAIK.
Agree with Tramontina for stainless tri-ply. Very good value. For enamelled cast-iron, I'd go with Le Creuset or Staub, the class leaders with lifetime warranties. Downside: they're spendy. LC's seconds are fine and can be found at Marshall's and TJ Maxx, along with their own outlets. Get on the outlet's mailing list for coupons, and they'll also ship. Williams Sonoma is offering good prices on Staub. It sounds like you may be cooking mostly for one or two at...
I'd recommend The Third Man, M, Double Life of Veronique, For All Mankind (soundtrack by Brian Eno), Gimme Shelter, Repulsion, and High and Low (bought it on DVD, came out on Blu-Ray a month later, doh!). For me, these all stand up to repeated viewings. Last sale I got The Red Shoes and Black Narcissus. Glad I saw 'em, can't imagine the next time I'll pull them out and watch them again.
Sierra Trading Post has the B&R Transcend line at a substantial discount right now - less with a coupon code. If you're looking for a rollaboard you might want to go with a smaller size than the 22-inch; some say it won't fit in many overheads, some say no problem.
LL Bean.
Quote: Originally Posted by Scrounger AE Bayfield? $350 but you could wait for a sale. Bayfields on sale on Amazon, mostly wide and narrow sizes, $150-165, wotta deal. I already have them in brown, couldn't resist getting a pair in black. AE can be hit-or-miss from Amazon in terms of defects, but these are perfect.
AE Bayfield? $350 but you could wait for a sale.
Good old Bigelow for me. Each bag in its own foil envelope.
Hmm, looks like there are more 20" models with suiters than I thought - B&R has some too. My TravelPro doesn't but it's a non-issue for me. Check before buying if you want one, I guess.
Briggs & Riley seems very popular and has an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Victorinox makes good bags. Check Sierra Trading Post and your local TJ Maxx for deals. I bought a few pieces from the discontinued NXT 4.0 line from both. The Trooper Duffel Tote is a small duffel designed to be as large as possible and still fit under the average airline seat, but I haven't tried it yet myself. TravelPro is another good brand. Check Overstock, etc. for discounts. ...
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