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The Boston Saks has had some Barbours in the sale outerwear racks. Not sure of the specific model but Bedale/Beaufort style: corduroy collar, waxed, navy for sure and I think some olive. Might not be much left after a couple weekends of additional markdowns.
In case anyone's curious - the "Beechnut Burnished" color seems almost identical to AE's Walnut (especially Burnished Walnut.) I took a pair of not-Stows out of the box and found they pretty much matched the factory-second AE Daltons I picked up during the last sale - the Trickers are maybe just a tiny bit darker. Going to be hard to justify keeping both - maybe I can darken the Trickers a bit more.
Just got the Woodstock shoe. Was looking for a pebbled all-weather shoe with a Dainite sole, this seemed to fit the bill. Probably would've ordered the Burford but I already have a dark brown pebbled boot (BB Peal - by AS I think.) I'm normally a 10.5E in AE's #5 last, went with size 10. Tried them on and the fit is a little odd - OK in the toe area, pretty snug across the top of the arch, and a little heel slippage, These seem like sturdy shoes that will take some...
Been waiting for a tan boot - looking forward to owning the Dalton in walnut soon. I think the Bayfield would look great in this color as well, or possibly in one of the Rough Collection shades.
How about AE's new Daltons?
I'd remove the Jetta from your list and add the VW Golf.
To the OP: You are doing everything right. You are. 1. Starting as early as possible. The importance of this cannot be overstated. 2. Not reacting emotionally to recent events. 3. Not investing in individual stocks, or high-fee mutual funds. Low-fee indexes are a great way to go for beginning investors, and many feel for any investor. 4. Accepting higher risk while you're younger. The advice given above to educate yourself is excellent and so is the recommended...
You have my sympathies. I've only had a few full-bore attacks in my toes; can't imagine it in an ankle. Diet, weight loss and hydration are all commonly-recommended factors in lessening the frequency and severity of attacks. Indocin and colchicine are usually prescribed for attacks but not ongoing use. I think in the past weak doses of colchicine may have been prescribed for regular use but now that a single company distributes it I'm not sure what's changed with it -...
Have you tried Brooks Brothers? They offer a number of shoes in both D and E widths so you might find something that would fit. I like the Peal perf captoe. Sounds like you can skip the $350 "made in USA" models, those are Allen Edmonds I believe. If you wait for a sale you can get a substantial discount, the Xmas sale approaches 40% off IIRC.
For stainless steel, yes. But there are other cookware types you might prefer for some uses. And you'll probably want a stainless or cast iron skillet in addition to the nonstick so you can brown things or grill a steak, neither of which nonstick will do well.Google for recommendations from Cooks Illustrated, which is where I got most of my advice. They're a good source of info.It's easy to OD on cookware. As someone mentioned above, you can get by with surprisingly...
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