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Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard North River Outfitters Indy chromexcel: Anyone else here now in the seventh week of their lead-time? Six weeks for me. After reviewing their terms of sale, I can't believe I ordered from these guys. Still, they seem to have a good reputation so I continue to hope for the best. I was confused with the offerings on the ShoeMart's site. The 403, which is what NRO calls Chromexcel, is described as...
IMO the greatest non-American noir ever made, and my favorite movie of all time, is "The Third Man". British, so I'm not sure it satisfies your request, but based on what you seem to be looking for I'd strongly recommend it. BTW, are you familiar with Criterion's website?
Grant's blended Scotch.
Quote: Originally Posted by abenner Anybody heard anymore on these or received them from NRO? I ordered a little over a month ago, when they said it would be three weeks... Still waiting for a response to my email to customer service. I did the same at about the same time. My first e-mail to customer service last week went unanswered. I sent a second on Friday suggesting I might cancel the order. This got a response - said Alden was closed...
The Darlton loafer in 10.5 D was way too narrow for me. But the 10.5 D Gifford is fine. I assume different lasts on those?
Quote: Originally Posted by interlockingny I'm not all that familiar with C&J lasts, but I can tell you that this shoe would work best for a US 11D foot. It would probably also work for a 10.5D if you use thicker socks. Thank you for your interest. FWIW. I'm normally a 10.5/11 E with AE and Alden, but the 10.5 D Gifford boot fits me fine - a bit snug, but fine. Not sure how similar the Garran is though. I'd be tempted but can't gamble...
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