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They had to move it this year, it was originally scheduled for March at the Dilboy but I think they were renovating or something. Guess we'll have to see what happens next year.
NERAX fest in the Boston area this week - four days of cask-conditioned goodness. Going tonight.
Try it in a marinara sauce? Possibly with some other seafood, like shrimp? Probably want to go a bit spicy here. FWIW, a very fast and simple recipe I use is to cook a half a box of pasta (I use bowtie) and mix in a (drained) can of imported tuna in oil, 1/4 cup olive oil, 1/8 tsp red pepper flakes. Then whatever else seems like a good add-in: tbsp capers, or chopped tomato, or garlic. This sure doesn't hide the flavor of the tuna though, so I'm guessing this won't...
Also Johnsons of Elgin cashmere and Taylor of Old Bond St. shaving stuff. They used to get in some Barbour and Allen Edmonds but haven't seen much of either for awhile now.
Try Bigelow. Of the supermarket brands, I think it has the most pronounced bergamot flavor. I agree with you on Twinings, not much going on there.
The first couple of orders I placed were promptly shipped. The last one, placed after the no-returns date, took a couple of weeks. One of the items no longer displayed on the site after I ordered it - it's possible it was OOS and they were waiting for a return to fill the order. Or maybe it is just a minimal staff left. The website shows different items available depending on what you click to view them, so might be best to try and confirm stock with them. No... carries Junkers. For a budget alternative you could try the KC1568 from Kenneth Cole, available at Amazon.
I'm pretty much the same, usually E but sometimes D works. Ordered the gray Franklin wingtip from Gilt and it was way too narrow. The bucks look roomier though. FWIW the Church's Blakeney suede wingtip currently on Bluefly works fine, but it's pricier.
Extra 25% was working yesterday evening, but you had to go through the checkout process to see it - I think up to the "place order" page. They've added some Randolph Engineering sunglasses to the sale, also some Walk-Over shoes.
Sorry, not the dollar amount, but they were on the 30% off rack - not sure if there were prior markdowns. The discounts keep changing though, a few weeks back it was 50% on the clearance outerwear.
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