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Sierra Trading Post has some Taylor's stuff, with coupon codes it gets real cheap. I find any glycerin-based cream works equally well, although I'm just using a Mach 3. I've seen some eShave and Caswell-Massey at TJ Maxx not long ago.
Cooks Illustrated likes the Victorinox Fibrox line - the 8" chef's knife is $30 online. For enamelled cast iron, Staub is a little less expensive alternative to Le Creuset, available at Williams Sonoma among others. Some pieces go on sale occasionally, right now they have a Staub 4-qt. dutch oven for $80 instore only, a bargain. Both Staub and LC come with lifetime guarantees. For an all-around skillet, regular cast iron is very inexpensive yet lasts forever. Downside...
Probably the best show I've seen in the last few years was the Polish trumpeter Tomasz Stanko - here he is: I've found "The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings" very helpful for recommendations. YMMV of course depending on whether your tastes line up with the authors'. Some favorite piano recordings: "Upon Reflection", Hank and Elvin Jones' tribute to their brother Thad John Lewis, "Evolution" (solo) and "Evolution II" (with...
Bordeaux and navy now $77, brown $98.
Hey, that's Ernst Blofeld as one of the tailors! Shoot him, Orson! No wait, it's the Criminologist from Rocky Horror. Never mind, he's just boring.
BeerAdvocate is your friend:
I've ordered Aldens from them twice. No problems at all. True, the chromexcel Indys took awhile, but it was when they first came out and everyone was waiting for months to get them. So worth it.Now that I look at the reviews, I didn't return either order, so I can't speak for their customer service in that regard.
Consider the factory-second option. Either the Shoe Bank or any outlet store will check stock company-wide and ship to you if available. I was very happy with the FS walnut Daltons I received,
If you want a smoky Scotch to use in cocktails, I'd suggest McClelland's Islay (I hear it's a young Bowmore) or the White Horse blend, both around $20, Either is fine on its own as well.
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