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would something like this work: or is that too casual, I like their marshall loafers but they don't really have a dark brown. any other ideas?
I was wondering if I could wear dark brown suede loafers with dark grey or charcoal pants? I know this is a simple question but I just wanted to see what the general opinion was for casual wear, just a nice tucked in shirt, no tie. Thanks very much, Lyle
what colour is the Pasolini?
any ideas would be great, anybody own a nice navy linen blazer in any size? just looking for some suggestions thanks!
I'm looking for a navy linen blazer, something nice for spring/summer. Any suggestions? I also need a small size 36S or a slim 38S. Thanks very much, Lyle
I have a black/white houndstooth jacket that fits me well but I've never really worn very much. I was wondering what are some good combinations to wear with it. Pant/Shirt colours? I figure a solid colour tie could work well and a white pocket square. I find it looks pretty mature, any ideas on how to make it look younger, patterned shirts? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated (pictures too). Thanks, Lyle
I'm interested in the ferragamo ties
I'm interested in the jeans. I'm too new to PM you. Let me know if they are still available. Thanks, Lyle
I'm interested, is the Giorgio Armani Black Label grey suit still available? I would PM but I'm new to the forum and haven't made enough posts. Thanks, Lyle
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