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I picked up a couple button down collar extra slim shirts
I live in Chicago and I used to live in Toronto and there are many winter days where you absolutely need a hat. I picked up a Smartwool The Lid at REI here in chicago. Its a nice soft charcoal wool fitted toque. Very soft wool, I think it works with grey wool overcoat or a gore-tex shell on the rainy/snowy cold days. Wasn't expensive either and super soft merino wool.
I just got a CT tailored fit (blue poplin) and its much slimmer in the arms and waist than the slim fit. It fits me really well. I'm 5'6", 140lb, 38S with a 15.5" collar and 32-33" sleeves.
I'm interested in the beige jacket just want to check the measurements too.
do you need the invitation for the private sale?
how much, measurements?
try being a 36S
Anyone know where I can get some slim-fitting cotton-linen blend shirts for the summer months? Thanks, Lyle
what model shoes are those?
any suggestions on a nicer pair? (below $200 would be great, if possilbe) thanks!
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