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You could try a solvent that it purer or less strong, maybe acetone, xylene, toluene or chloroform (might be hard to get if you dont have access to a chemistry lab).
pm sent
man, I wish I could afford that charcoal suit.
I also buy the BB extra slim OCBD and I avoid the non-iron. I don't actually mind ironing that much, kinda relaxing.
I have a nice set of MOP button cuff links from Kent Wang and silk knots from JAB. They both look good and don't look flashy.
I've got the oatmeal leather ones. I like them with a pair of shorts or jeans. Haven't tried them with linen pants yet but I think they could work. I need a nice belt to go with the oatmeal ones, don't mean to thread hijack but does any one have any suggestions?
Pockets on the jacket seem really high and it looks a tad boxy. Any chance for a pic of you wearing the jacket, no need for the pants since you said they didnt fit anyways. Thanks, Lyle
I was hoping I could get the waist measurements on the 36S and 38S Benjamin Lucent suits? Thanks, Lyle
check the big long thread on slim fit shirts my opinion is that the slim fit are less fit than the brooks brothers extra slim (which fit me well), however, they have a tailored fit which fits me well but unfortunately comes in a limited selection of fabrics.
Quote: Originally Posted by glowell222 This is an email hack. Don't click it. no its not the guy just linked to an image in his e-mail which we obviously cannot access
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