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nm - I got to work - suit ordered
maybe modern tailor can make you one MTM
Any suggestions for MTM makers that might be able to make something like this? Thanks, Lyle
Today I tried on a Brunello Cucinelli unstructured lightweight wool navy blazer it fit me really well other than being a bit too long for me since it was a 38R instead of 38S. However, it is slightly more money than I would like to spend, especially full retail. I've searched SF a bunch and found lots of threads comparing Neapolitan style tailors and brands but most of them seem even more expensive, Kiton, Attolini, etc. Tried some of those on but just for fun really....
must be because im in Canada at the moment that it isnt working.
i cant seem to find the shoes in the bing cashback list
How does the link through work
If you already have a nice pair of black captoe oxfords how come you want to get another very similiar pair, why not get something different, brown wingtip?
For a dressy watch I think I would go for no second hand, but I really like the design of the second hand on the IWC. Also, my current JLC has a small seconds so I think if I got a new dressy watch I would probably go for something different, but thats just me.
580 euro for that? Would it even wrap around your waist...
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