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brooks brothers has some nice ones
Charles Thrywitt will shorten sleeves for $10/shirt.
I've got BB Extra slim, CT tailored fit and some pre-SF slim Banana Republic shirts that I like. I also have a couple MTM shirt from modern tailor. I based the measruements off the three I just mentioned and basically got a nearly perfect shirt first time around. You could try getting the measurements from a good fitting shirt you have. Have it tailored if it doesnt fill well already.
Pantherella also have a hand linked toe. It is nicer to wear but I find for everyday wear the dress socks from target are pretty good value.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaplan Is end-on-end a poplin? Isn't end-on-end broadcloth?
I disagree a simple tv-fold white linen square doesn't look like you are off to your prom. If you have something in a nice conserative complementary colour that would work too.
I'm not sure what the movie of a gong is supposed to signify. Does it mean you can get me some of them?
any way to order from the states?
where are those flower pins from?
I never liked the laceless sperry's, dont get the point of the lace holes without laces and I don't really like the elastic. I think of those my favorites are the rockports. I've got the oatmeal leather lace-up topsiders.
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