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I bought both of them and the fit is very similiar. I ended up keeping the benjamin and returning the brooks. The stiching on the benjamin was nicer and I prefer the drape of suit with full canvasing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I got a four pack of the Moghul cotton this year. I want some in wool, but I could just easily go for the unicorns or the peacocks. where did you get them?
These don't seem to be on the drakes site or on ASW or Ben Silver. Do those stores carry these prints? -Lyle
I'm a 38S and wanted a reasonable quality fully canvassed slim suit. I decided on the Benjamin Lucente and after having the sleeve and pants shortened I'm really happy with it.
Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald. They usually carry 36R, I think.
love the first one
Wow, I've been looking for something just like that. Tried on some but they were way more than I wanted to spend. Any chance you might be able to provide measurements? Shoulders and Chest would be awesome. I wear a ~17.5" shoulder with a ~19-20" chest (usually around a 37-38). I'm leaving for a camping trip tomorrow so I'm not sure how much internet access I'll have but I'm really interested. I'd be happy to buy you a tie or something if the measurements are close for...
I just got a pair of blundstones too last winter. Not very warm but good protection from snow. If its really snowy (chicago/toronto) I break out the insulated winter boots or the sorel/kodaik kneehigh boots in the country.
since the carpet is synthetic you can likely dissolve it away in an organic solvent, depending on the carpet polymer you could try toluene, acetone, chlorform or some other solvents you probably dont have access to like DMF, MEK, etc
What about the Allen Edmonds Clifton in walnut, might be hard to pair with black though.
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