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so close, I need a 7.5D
I'm interested depending on the price and quality. -Lyle
This is what I have although it might be too casual for some uses
I have a similiar coat from Banana Republic with buttons and a zipper.
If the lenses are glass (check by tapping something on them) then the penny will be fine. If they are plastic lenses then try to get it off with your finger nail and some soap + hot water to avoid scratching the lens. If your fingernails are short try something else plastic.
They look great! I have a pair of AE Evanstons my go to black shoe.
none of them
I've got one from Lands End Canvas and I really like it.
pmd for 32US 48EU 95% wool / 5% elastin Gray / Brown W: 16.5 R: 10.5 T: 10.5 K: 9.5 I: 37 LO: 8
Quote: Originally Posted by Tbombs34 Thanks for the tip but, as is usually the case, I can't seem to find anything on B&S in my size (38S), price range and choice of color/style. I'm also a 38S. People say the buttoning point on the benjamin lucente is high but i measured the brooks fitz and its nearly identical. The RLBL (which I can't afford) buttoning point is lower and I thought it looked nicer on me but I couldn't rationalize spending...
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