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The main thing is that the tweed is nice and nuanced. The blue has bits if red and the eggshell blue is an interesting fabric. That and the fact that they don't have branding all over them. That's the other major thing.
What does Style Forum think of these hats? Full disclosure: they are part of my personal Kickstarter. I'm looking for attention but also some feedback.
Behold, a crisp pair of 12oz. organic denim with green selvedge id in slim straight fit. Really pretty cool jeans and I'm bummed they don't fit better. I've only worn them inside for the 20 minutes it took me realize they weren't going to work. I think they will fade really well and the price is right. Cool details like lined back pockets and a big thick leather patch with koy stamped on it. I got these from the Lawless Denim kickstarter. They tend to run small and I...
After a few months with these chinos and a few shirts, don't waste your time with Frank and Oak. Everlane, on the other hand, is fully on point with quality, service and price.
I just ordered a pair of chinos and a denim shirt from Frank and Oak. The whole experience has been really interesting. I had to ask for an invite to the site. They put me on a "waiting list" but told me I could get in right away if I referred people or posted about the site on social media. This is a clever marketing strategy but I'm not about to tell a bunch of random facebook connections I've made over the years about a site that I've never seen. Anyway, they emailed me...
Beautiful shoes
I'm from Northern Virginia but I lived in Portland, Oregon for like 8 years. DC is because there all these self-proclaimed foodies and decent restaurants are so hard to get into but the quality of food is usually not what it is elsewhere and doesn't tend to be very creative. On the other hand, the average level of education is much higher here and people are much more with it in regard to politics and current events etc. I'd also say that with the exception of SanFran,...
Has anyone ever used waterproofing wax on their denim. This says it won't leave residue but I actually think it would be more interesting if it did. Also, if anyone has used waterproofing wax like this, what's the difference between using it on a brand new pair of dry denim versus a pair that has been worn and faded? http://store.kaufmann-mercantile.com/collections/new-items/products/canvas-waterproofing-wax
I do this with running shoes all the time because I know what I like and tend to buy at a steep discount when I buy them.
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