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Hi I have a beautiful 70% Cashmere 30% Silk BC sweater that needs a home, it is too big for me, but it runs small for the size. It's an Italian size 58 and is a cool darker seafoam green color w grey accents. Its lightweight so this can be worn 3 season of the year. It is a $995 dollar sweater. If you are here you probably know how expensive and special this sweater is. Let me know if you have any questions.
More drops, I think JV coat is getting pretty ridiculous...
Class and Cavalli don't get used in the same sentence too often.
Haven't had a problem yet...
Incotex pants sold! More drops Added mint condition Brioni shirt, its just to big for me. Great deal on this one right off the bat, it will not last.
depends on shoe size, my 13 isnt same as someone else's 8.5.
More drops and added Hickey Freeman sport coat
More drops
It's not a fad, 1/2" has been showing for a century.
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