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http://www.scruggsfarm.com/Tony-Lama-Mens-Americana-Collection-Western-Bark-Lakota-Foot-Western-Boots-7946 vs. http://www.countryoutfitter.com/products/25143-redwood-oiltan-13-boot?utm_source=criteo&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=retargettest What's the difference between a cushion insole and an orthotic insole? Is a leather or a rubber outsole more comfortable? Wear characteristics differences?
I'm not sure how the Alden 975 last translates to the size fitting with Alden Chukkas. Can someone point me in the right direction? Are they the same size or a half size up or down?
http://cf.badassdigest.com/_uploads/images/25091/ryan-gosling-bp__span.jpeg At first guess I'm going to say that they are Oliver Peoples although they look like they are too big to be the O'Malley's. Does anyone have a better guess at what frames ole gosling's got on his face? Thanks.
Figured a few people on here would enjoy this. Disregard background noise. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOUy5ANVZg0&feature=youtu.be
Okay, after following alden of carmel's new cordovan shell care procedure these are my results. And a more proper, picture.
Quick question. Where do your toes seem to fall within a pair of Alden 975's? I just received a pair and at first thought they seem a little large, but I am worried that if I go a half size smaller they will taper down where my toes are too quickly and be tight around the sides of my toes. Right now my big toe ends just a bit before the decoration begins on top of the shoe.
Quick Q.. Looking at Alden 975's.. How heavy are they? What is the weight of the shoe itself?
So you've made it to 2,000 posts through trolling. I like it.
Quite an entertaining post there. Style or materials difference?
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