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Got a pair of these as well. Great boots.
Got them in black about 3 months ago. Love them. The brown pair is great as well. Unless you have a huge head, you need to find the 58mm as opposed to the 61mm. Needless to say, I was pretty excited that the "biggest agent in the world" had them as well (I think they said that like 10 times during the episode).
Quote: Originally Posted by intent Get an Amex. +1. Can't imagine not having an Amex. Best rewards. I have my Visa for the very few places (now) that don't carry Amex.
I want that jacket but I'm a large.
I have a pair of Vince sweatpants that are awesome for around the house in the winter. They have them in navy and grey right now.,men,mbottoms
Quote: Originally Posted by blank I need a pair of dressy jeans, and this is still the only brand I'd really want to buy. +1. Even if they have a few washes I won't wear, I still love their dark indigo jeans.
I have these but sat on them in my car and they're unfixable. Can't bring myself to re-purchase glasses but these glasses have a great design and that's a good price. Good luck.
PM sent
Picked up a few of the ESFs. I'm used to the non-iron. Are you guys ironing after you wash or just dry cleaning. I tried washing and then hanging but the shirt is pretty damn wrinkled.
Quote: Originally Posted by bohemianmidnight fuck gilt groupe +1. I signed up around a year and half ago and you could actually buy things within the first 10-20 minutes. Now stuff is sold out by time I open any of the items I want (even at 12:00 exactly) and they've hardly had any good sales in 2010.
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