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Are those bespoke squat shoes?
The gains cannot stop
I have a similar problem that comes and goes. What helps me is RICE and using the lacrosse ball both on the trap and pec minor/delt. I suspect that it's because I sit at the computer too much and mouse around with my right hand.Might not be what you have but...
I am about 6'3 200lbs and an xl high neck from fw12 fits me perfectly.
^ Maybe look at the vanson x styleforum thread
wish i had a goddamn garage
What's the least fiddly setup of recording workouts? I want to record most sets to check my technique but not sure how to do it without touching my phone every few minutes.
Who makes those?
That's cool. What do you make/play?
Best thing about mine is that it has a lot of Arnold posters in his prime. Shit otherwise. I asked a guy to record my last warmup rep @95kg. Would appreciate a form check: Vid here
New Posts  All Forums: