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Who makes those?
That's cool. What do you make/play?
Best thing about mine is that it has a lot of Arnold posters in his prime. Shit otherwise. I asked a guy to record my last warmup rep @95kg. Would appreciate a form check: Vid here
I guy that I know is pretty strong and flexible and still uses straps for front squats. Don't remember why he does it.
It's sorta 8 because there's 3 whites in the fried part.
Ugh that happened to me.I started diversifying my diet this morning:
One of the best things about running in the cold is that you get to dress like a ninja.
lol i expected someone to say "dress warm"But anyway I ran 4.8km today which is way more than I expected. I went with a friend who's both stronger and more conditioned than me and had he not pushed me a bit I wouldn't have ran as fast nor as far as I did. Feel pretty dead now.
How do I need to dress for running in the cold? It's about 0C and a bit windy. I know it depends a bit on the person but never ran when it's this cold.
I feel so disheartened. On Monday was lying around watching a movie, yawned and stretched and felt a sharp pain across my upper back. It's now Wednsday and it still hurts when I move in a certain way. How could I get injured just lounging around? :/
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