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I liked the blue trench and the green flat front pants. The pants are very slim(which i didn't expect) and very warm.
@Chulillo Thanks for the advice. I still want to work out and keep some level of fitness but I don't really want to go back to worrying about numbers and getting as big as possible.
I've started running a bit in addition to a few sessions of lifting per week. I've also dramatically cut down on the olympic lift volume since I've left the club I was training at.
Yeah I can imagine as I think we're built similarly(height etc) and our numbers were similar a while ago. You're obviously bigger than me now and you've been training harder.I'm getting kind of sick of being tired all the time, small injuries etc. I enjoy the sport but by doing it seriously it starts getting in the way of other stuff i'd like to be doing.
I've sort of figured out that serious lifting is not for me
There's no substitute really for checking out clothes in the store.
I think a lot of the criticism was directed towards how badly some of the MTM stuff turned out
What are the current prices in the budapest store?
Maybe it fits their macros?
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