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I saw them yesterday and they were too far out for me. My friend was shopping for "winter sneakers" and ended up with these asics gore tex. http://www.highsnobiety.com/2016/11/10/asics-gel-lyte-v-gore-tex-pack-2016/#slide-7
Thanks will keep an eye out.Thanks. The Feit ones look like hiking boots. I like that the Scheers are side zips and look pretty elegant. Maybe pieces like that are why you'd go bespoke for shoes.
Anyone make RTW boots like this? Saw them on the Scheer website as their bespoke examples. Minus 15 temps these days made me interested in a lined boot like this.
I just bought a pair of all white stan smiths since the last pair is almost done. I guess the only thing worse than stans right now is all the premium copies.
I was there for about seven years. One of the best places on the internet.
Tried Caol Ila a few weeks ago. I liked it very much.
IMHO with clothes, buying something because it's "a happy medium" is going to end up badly for you.
Discourse is a pretty well made forum.
Where I live is a bit slower to adopt trends like these but the stripped down walls/reclaimed furniture coffeeshop is everywhere now. My friends opened a bar last year and it fits the stereotype. I don't think they were aiming for the look necessarily, but it was cheap to do and it ended up like that. It's around an old factory and after the bar became popular, the owner rented a ton of place to other people, so now you have like 20 bars in a very small area with that...
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