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+1 just broke the zipper pull on mine
If you end up not liking the bomber I'll buy it from you
I like the adidas tech fit ones
Who gives a shit...
I was at the store a few days ago and they had a beautiful navy raincoat I unfortunately did not buy.
I don't know. In terms of sound quality you're probably right but I think why people like the 1200/1210s is that they're very sturdy and very fixable. Like I can barely repair anything but after watching a few videos I've been able to replace the cables, adjust the pitch etc. My pair was used for mixing for at least 10 years before they got to me and they're perfectly fine. DJs also like them because they're standard. Any good club will have a decent pair so you won't need...
Only experience i have is getting VAT back at the airport when I leave the EU. Global blue handles this in 95% of the cases.
Off topic but what are those pants?
I'm in Paris and it looks like noone lifts.
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