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I just hope the final version fits me
I don't know about most companies though. I'm pretty sure *a lot* of companies use R.
Damn even without the strap that bomber looks damn good.
@navetsea where do source the leather?
I wish I had a training log as I don't really know which kind of programming I am on. I just come in and do the work the coach tells me. Sessions last 2-3hrs and there's plenty of max effort stuff which I think is to be expected. But As I said perhaps I am just not eating enough.
That's great news
Maybe Linear Algebra and it's Applications / Strang.
I tried a calf SLP rider last year and while there's probably someone using better leather or construction, it felt like a sturdy, well made jacket. It fit me really well too(I'm around 6'3 and I think the jacket was a 52). I don't remember the price but it was a bit to steep for me at that time.
So related to the previous weightlifting discussion. I’ve been training in a WL club for the past 6 months so some thoughts: It’s really hard. I can maybe get in 3-4 sessions per week due to work and other shit. But even at 3 sessions it leaves me really tired. The sessions are really taxing on all levels. I don’t think I’ve really felt overtraining until I started with this. Maybe I am not eating enough but that’s a different discussion I guess. While training this...
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