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I'm interested as well ha
@conceptionist What's the record in your avatar?
1) You look like I have taken some LSD. 2) There's a lot of hair info here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/231421/the-official-hair-thread . My advice would be to ask someone who's hair you like where they go to get their hair cut. Then go there and talk to the person who's about to cut your hair about what would suit you best.
Well if people stopped eating meat and the only reason to kill animals was the skin, I'm pretty sure they'd be killed for it.
In tech you can also work sane hours for your 100k
Woot just cleaned 100kg. Probably not impressing anyone with that but feels really good.
Cleans are a lot easier for me although I still suck at both.
I'm a web dev so not similar but related to what you'd like to pursue. A lot of web companies are getting a shit ton of data on their users and trying to figure out how to use it to sell something or what to build. E commerce companies need people like that to figure out stuff like recommendation engines. The buzzword is "data science". You wouldn't need to be an expert programmer but the more you know the better and hopefully you'll know how to get data out of a database...
Not sure how you can avoid that if your going full depth?
Clean pull and snatch pull destroy my traps.
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