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400 here
350 for the aldens (I assume we can pick the color?)
As someone who lives 3 blocks from 14th street and does 90%+ of his shopping online/nyc, resounding yes
Interested as well..
The pants look great. I really enjoy my two shirts thus far and look forward to completing a larger order. Quick question on the pants - are they lined, and if so, to where (by default)?
Get an appointment at Martin Greenfield. Your $3k will go radically farther there and the quality (in my opinion, I own a number of items from both MG and Isaia) is far superior.
I have it under good authority that Martin Greenfield in Brooklyn has made all of president Obama's suits for the past few years.
Hey guys, just ran across this deal. I have never used this site before so I cannot attest to the quality, but for college students on a budget, which you see a ton of on this site, this may be a good deal. Can't knock 60% off...if anyone does it, please let me know how they turn out. Thanks http://campusdibs.com/
Cashmere zip received. Bump for a good seller
Quote: Originally Posted by dropout5 measurements on the isaia? +1
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