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I agree with the armor contingent. Whether you're "serious" or not you need protection. Get a Vanson sportrider jacket, ditch the armor it comes with and get the GP hard armor plus a back protector. You'll look good and be safe. http://www.vansonleathers.com/dw/prod/jacket/csr2.html
Quote: Originally Posted by robin I've asked him about this before, and his response was that it was his personal preference. You could always have the commando soles removed as well (they're just stuck on top the regular leather soles). Between Leather Soul's dressier styles, and Carmel's casual models, I think there is a good balance between the two. I agree with you in essence but just wish they came the way I want them from the...
Just a random question. Not looking for a debate on the merits of leather sole vs. commando. Does anyone else wish Alden of Carmel would offer more boots with a leather sole? I have a pair in the commando but it just doesn't give me that same feeling of "just right" that my shell indies do. If they came with a leather sole I would own a pair of the AF 84 already.
Also a pair of Wingtip boots in similar specs [/quote] To Tassels: How do I purchase these? And how much.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahab You give good advice. And though these are not the Black Fleece ones which I believe are made by Alden I just like them. Not sure why. Maybe it is a Thom Browne lemming thing? Where to get and how much? Thanks
I figured it was pretty nice. I'm trying to decide between the brown leather or black shell. For the price I think I'll go with brown leather. Thanks for the pics to those who posted. Really nice.
Does anyone have any experience with the brown leather Alden of Carmel is using on some shoes? i.e. http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/index...p_Boot_207.htm I just can't get a feel of it from the pics. Any actual photos would be appreciated. Specifically I would like to know if it is stiff or soft, grainy or smooth. Waxy... etc.
I am 10D in Barrie and Trubalance. 10.5d in Leydon(snug). Opinion on whether these would fit? Thanks, Mike The longwings that is.
Posted originally in MC but thought it would do better here. Size 10D worn maybe 10 times. 250 USD plus shipping. NOW 225 USD plus shipping
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