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Does anyone else wear shell in summer? Currently I have 2 shell boots in #8 (indy in leather sole, wingtip w/commando), 1 boot in black(jumper boot arriving shortly, Thanks Tom!) and whiskey longwings. Because of the comfort level I like to wear them year round. Just wondered what the authorities think the "appropriateness " level of shell boots in summer is? Please no responses telling me to do what I like. I'm not looking for advice. I'm just curious.
bump for drop.
Drop to 500 plus shipping.
Pics. These shots are darker than IRL. You all know what they look like.
Timely thread for me. I have a pair of whiskey longwings for sale in B&S but haven't posted pics because it would kill me to sell them. What is your opinion of these with jeans? I bought them basically to wear exclusively with jeans and cords but when I wear them with jeans(all raw) I think maybe they are too light colored. Thoughts?
Bought from Greekgeek and worn 10 times max. I love them but have finally decided I would rather have another pair of boots in the rotation. I will post pics if there is any interest. 550.00 USD + shipping. Reduce to 450.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Tan on the left is superior to all. +1. my next shoe purchase
Quote: Originally Posted by airportlobby Are the leather soul specials the only calf longwings currently available? Edit - Carmel has some, but they have the commando soles. Damnitall! +1 on that. If AOC would offer the brown LW's with a Leather sole I'd be all over it.
I've had the Butteros for 2 years and have worn them in all conditions. Very solid boots. I've replaced the heels twice but the soles are still going strong. I use Obenauf and do use shoe trees. I expect to get many more years of wear out of these boots. The leather is very substantial. Hands down superior to the Frye's IMO.
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