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Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Yeah, haven't heard anything good about Florsheim construction lately. Frye's starting to go down the tubes as well, it used to be good for the price but I've heard it's very hit or miss nowadays I would NOT buy any Frye's made outside of the US. They look good in pics but IRL they are pretty sad IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arizor edit: Sorted out crazy customs charge, just as suspected, they'd put the decimal in the wrong place. Received the shoes, went half a size smaller than my usual size as it was the only one they had in stock other than a 7 month wait. They fit *just* a little tight around the area where the tongue meets the vamp. Any advice on how to open up the leather a little, stretch it out a bit? Would using shoe trees at a...
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso These are from the new LL Bean Signature line by the guy from Rogues Gallery. A big step up from regular LL Bean but priced similarly. On shelves and online in March, I think. I took the image from Sartorially Inclined. Thank you! I have found my new summer boots.
Send them back to J Crew. Something that dramatic should at least be eligible for exchange. On another note i just ordered the AF53 from AofC. Very excited. I think my Alden collection is pretty much complete at this point unless the Plaza somehow starts working for me. Would love to have the Captoe in #8 from LS.
As said many times go with Vanson. I say this cause if you crash out you can send it to be repaired for a reasonable amount rather than shelling out for all new gear. I took 2 really hard crashes at VIR in mine and for 600 got good as new leathers back. Custom suit was 1800 5 years ago. Not a bad value. For casual riding I wear a Vanson jacket with hard armor and ALWAYS a back protector, jeans, engineer boots etc. FWIW other than a helmet I thonk a back protector is the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Repost since a couple of people inquired about them: What I ordered: Black calf leather 8 eyelets No quick lacing hooks Single sole (to be topy-ed) Storm welted Austerity brogue F last You are my new hero. May I ask how much?
FWIW I've worn my shells (#8 and black )throughout this winter in snow, rain, slush and salt. Wipe with a slightly damp cloth when I reach my destination. Vigorous brushing and polish every 15 to 20 wears and they look better every time. Not a single water spot.
anyone have experince wth wome wearing alden? my wife wants a pair of LW's or the new boot on LS and she wears 8D womens. Thoughts?
Any experience with Skull Lindas? My wife got a pair of the raws and they are a very nice fit (really tight but she can button without too much trouble) Any ideas on shrinkage?
You can't go too far wrong with those shoes. I esp like the sorta bulbous toe . Nice twist.
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