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Don't be too worried about the stitching. I've gotten sloppy before with the polish and in a drunken state one time I used a baby wipe(for those without kids look in the diaper aisle) and cleaned the stitches to a nice glowing white. Since then I have polished with reckless abandon. I use kiwi cordovan wax to darken the leather.
Quote: Originally Posted by nonissue ranger moc that was already released. available in june again. Why June? What happened to March 15?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahab Any color shell besides the whiskey will do you year round. If you are in hotter climates like Texas or Florida the whiskey will do you year round. I doubt anyone would say anything if you wear the whiskey year around but you will find the color less versatile overall than #8 or Cigar. +1 on this, BUT Whiskey is so nice I think its a great color to have. Can't wait to break out the chukkas.
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen I'm getting the navy highs and the tan highs. So stoked for this. Amazing line. +1 on this. Maybe even the brown.
2 lbs per shoe? Incredible.
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer do you guys consider Whiskey shell to be a year round color? is it something you would wear with charcoal or navy trousers in the winter? I think of whiskey as 3 season excluding winter.
I should have a pair of these by Friday. By the msmts looks like a good fit. BIG is also getting a shipment of SDA khakis that appear to be a slimmer fit. They will be around 185. I will post fit pics when the BIG chinos get here.
Quote: Originally Posted by AntiHero84 Stay away from the black jacket. Completely. Brown shoes, definitely. Brogues are good. Suede is good. Oxfords are good. You might want to try some loafers. Bass Weejuns are typically a good investment and relatively inexpensive. Not to derail the topic completely, but you may want to switch out the jeans for some chinos. They certainly wouldn't be too dressy and they would step up your game a...
pm sent
Quote: Originally Posted by DrZRM Wow! So nice! I'm definitely making my way back to more black shoes after being brainwashed by the SF think. I'm putting some black shell cordovan longwings on the list. Same for me. After getting the black jumpers I liked the black so much I changed an order for AF53 to AF91 black wingtip boot. Should be here Friday.
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