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Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer we talked about the eyelets a couple pages back. if you already have a boot with full eyelets all the way up and you like it, ok, but I think it's kind of a pain Point taken. Other than that detail, what are your thoughts?
I'm down for navy in a 34. Bless you.
Okay, I've got an idea for a make-up and wanted to see what you all thought. Basically the Plaza wingtip boot in #8 with the following features: 1. Single leather oak sole 2. Close heel welt 3. Blind eyelets all the way up 4.Pinking 5. No punching in the leather. Like the Vass austerity brogue. Opinions?
Just tracked mine. Will be here tomorrow. Review by noon.
Quote: Originally Posted by the_state ^ i completely agree, however i still think llbean made a terrible choice on the sole. brick red or even a basic gum sole woulda been 10x better. Ditto that. I almost went for the south willard just for the red sole.
Quote: Originally Posted by enigma77 All of those are pretty nice, but the real blue moc to have is obviously this one. FWIW I like the blue on the beans better. But I am an old dude so YMMV.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Option B without the eyelets is not an option. I guess I'll keep looking for a pair of navy suede shoes. These look interesting. I know nothing about the brand though: Doucal's on YOOX. Tried to post a link but couldn't make it work.
Quote: Originally Posted by edubs01 Having trouble deciding between the blucher mocs in brown suede or leather. Also what color are the soles on these? The other question is do I just say F-it and get the Quoddy brown suede blucher mocs with red sole from South Willard I say F-it if they really do it for you. I've never regretted getting the best I could afford of something I really cared about. For me the Beans are perfect summer beater...
Quote: Originally Posted by db_ggmm If they had only used a different color sole on the blue suedes... Need red chinos, too, but 'full leg'... I agree, wish it was red but for 80 vs 275 for quoddy its a no brainer for me. I can't bear to spend much on summer casual wear. 4 kids and a German Shepherd rule out much opportunity to wear that kinda stuff.
Ordered the ranger mocs in tan and blue suede. Other than that....
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