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Quote: Originally Posted by Magic44 I got a tip off about some new t's and got a couple the other day. They are a little more than say AA but they are awesome. Photography is great too. What brand? I've been looking for some plain T's myself. I ordered some by Splendid Mills which will be here tomorrow but they were out of black.
Basically the whole post was sarcastic but I think it holds a kernel of truth. I was mainly hoping to stir up a little shit which has succeeded a little.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Do people here really hate Nudies? News to me. Read the sarcasm in my title. I was really referencing the "Match the personality to the denim" thread. It seems that the Japanese companies are held in much higher regard than Nudie, APC and others in "cool factor". I just wondered if there really are denim snobs. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm considered a snob among my peers in my...
New to Superfuture and StyleForum but not new to fashion even though it takes a lot of work living in the cultural and fashion netherworld that is WV. BTW, Not hating on my home which I love but it does have its drawbacks. I see a lot of disdain for Nudies(almost to the point of Diesel) and just wondered why. I like 'em. The cuts are accessible and the wealth of information available online makes them a pretty easy jean to buy when you live in the sticks which most of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ott I've been looking for authentic Red Moon antlers for ages They are awesome,but breaking them in was a real pain in the ass!
Red,Red,Red by Red Moon
Not trying to be a dick but I don't think you could do anything that would make those look good with raw denim. They look sorta like grampa shoes to me. Try some chelsea or something like a Frye Cavalry boots. The Cavalry is basically the Harness boot without the harness.
Treue to size on length but they are wider than Frye's.
BTW, These are in the Bomber Jacket Leather. I like it much better than the Odessa FWIW.
I've seen several references to these boots so I thought I'd post pics of mine. Used for everyday wear and riding.
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