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Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet Thanks for picking up the shirts! For me, I'd probably just wear these in Spring and Fall. The suede is light enough, but it is a higher boot with a full leather lining. For a July & August shoe, I'd definitely prefer the bucks or saddles. That said, I do know guys who wear denim and boots all Summer long - even in the NYC summer heat. It all depends on what you're comfortable in. I can say that these are really...
I'm really liking the McNairy boots (dark brown with red sole) , just wondered if they would be good for 3 season wear or just spring and fall. Opinions? BTW, I have a couple oxfords on the way and really like the high collar. That's what sold me. Mike, Please feel free to chime in. I love just about everything on your site so I would value your opinion as much as anybody's.
Quote: Originally Posted by enigma77 I'd prefer it on a double leather sole with no commando. Those are an elegant boot (it's the Plaza last!). To make them even better (even dressier), do away with the speed eyelets and have proper eyelets all the way up. Because, I mean, what if you're wearing a wool trouser and the speed eyelets rip the fabric? But I digress... +1 on that. I didn't rip the fabric but have to have the hem redone on a pair...
Quote: Originally Posted by upnorth You mean the satisfaction you get when you finally reach the summit? Don't listen to all the naysayers. The AE bug is not as malicious as the EG ones and they do not wreck havoc on people's marriages as $600 aldens or $1000 EGs. Exactly why I will not go above Alden. My wife...
Any free shipping codes out there? Thanks in advance.
Would anyone be able to comment on the weight of the camel tattersal trouser?
Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL Their wingtip cutting patterns all have the pinking on them. Alden isn't set up like a smaller shoemaker who can easily change patterns. Gotcha. Thanks for the info. Any idea on the next run of the Plaza Wingtip?
[quote=LeatherSOUL;3064105]Alden doesn't have that pattern unfortunately. I love the austerity. Hi Tom, why would they need a pattern ? Couldn't they just cut the pattern and then not do the hole punching? Not being contrary, just curious. Mike I am truly saddened by this news BTW.
10in Indy's, 10.5 in ranger mocs without socks. TTS for me.
Still waiting anxiously. UPS is usually here by 10:30 AM but no show yet. On the positive side I did get to wear my Whiskey Chukkas for the first time today.
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