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Quote: Originally Posted by supercrap nice ... too bad i already got my red moon Would you have gotten this one instead?
Quote: Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife a friend of mine wears these shoes with flarez; i don't feel close enough to him to point out the mote in his eye, but i feel guilty about not helping the guy out... should i feel responsible for allowing this to continue? If you don't point that out to this guy, you will have a special corner waiting for you in hell.
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc I'll see your Berluti and your square-toe monstrosity, and raise you one hideous Paciotti pixie-shoe: Is that for real? When I see stuff like that I'm embarrased to be a human being becausr SOMEBODY somewhere likes that shoe. On the other hand I like the square toe monstrosity! Go figure.
Some pics of one of my bikes. Aprilia Tuono. Also have the Duc Monster 1000 and Honda CBR600RR as a track bike. BTW These pics are about 10 minutes from my house. We have awesome riding in WV.
I'm not a serial killer, I just play one on SF.
Arc'teryx Gothic Zip
Sorta recent. Y-3 Hayworth Lo
Wow! More responses than I anticipated with a lot of interesting thoughts. I got into Nudies because they were easy to get online and I liked the cuts and of course the whole do it yourself approach to distressing. Then I went to BIG and was so overwhelmed I didn't buy anything. However as I stated before they are a gateway drug and after much anguish I ordered the PBJ XX-005 and it will be here tomorrow. It was between these and the SDA D1002's but I wanted to see what...
Did you get this off their website? Did you have to know Japanese? 200db? Update us (me, really) with occasional pics as to how they're breaking in.[/quote] Got it from 2000db. The guy is really super helpful.
So I've had it for a week and it is starting to break in nicely. It is a combo of cordovan and saddle leather and I was wondering if I should follow the same procedures for the cordovan as I would with cordovan shoes or leave it alone. Also, the saddle leather has a glossy kind of finish and is picking up almost zero indigo (which I am happy with) so I'm wondering if all of their saddle leather starts with that glossy coating or is unique to this wallet and requires...
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