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I have both and would say if you like a more refined hipster look get the SDA's. If you like a more "regular" jean get the 005's. I got the 1002's in 33 and they are nice and slim but not tight. They stretch where you want them to. I have the 005's in 34 because I wanted a little looser fit and due to advice on this forum and the other SF. I could easily gotten a 33 but I think I made the right decision. If I had to choose one I would get the SDA w/o question. I tried...
The jacket fits way too loose and looks like it has no provisions for armor. A jacket that is actually made to provide you protection in a crash will never be comfortable enough or stylish enough to wear as a casual piece.
Worn about 25 days. No wash.
[quote=SuperBobo]More questions regarding boot sizing from a style forum newbie: How would you guys compare Chippewa to Red wings or sneakers? What does true to size really refer to? Im a size 11 D/EE in Red Wings, a size 11 in Chucks, 12-12,5 in Nike, Vans and Adidas. What size Chippewa Engineer size should I get? So many questions, so much confusion...[/QUOTE Order a couple sizes from Zappos and send the pair that doesn't fit back. Free shipping and returns so...
Anybody got a code? Apolgies has expired. Thanks, Mike
Size down 1. I speak from experience.
I like that look in a more casual style and setting. I remember the first time I saw somebody wear that was when Michael Skakel(the Martha Moxley Killer) was arrested and I thought "Hey, I like that look." IMO the guy above is dressed too uptown to wear that zip.
Go to They have a huge selection of new and pre owned Rolex plus many other brands. I have bought and sold with them way too much. They are absolutely the best place on the net for a watch. Buying used is the only way to go for Rolex if thats what you're after.
Quote: Originally Posted by Renault78law I actually signed up for motorcycle lessons for January. You guys with experience, please advise something: is the triumph triple ok for a first bike? I don't know if it matters, but I'm 6'2" and around 190 lbs. No,it's not a good first bike. You're gonna drop your first bike. Period. Get something with a lower seat height to start, like a used Duc Monster 600 or a Suzuki SV650 and spend the money...
Quote: Originally Posted by ang_kangkong I'm actually thinking about getting this: even though I have no idea what I'd be able to put in it. It's a bag for your handlebars.
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