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Bump. Please buy these jeans.
Internet. Try living in West Virginia. You become intimate with the net. On the other hand my brother lives in Brooklyn so when I visit I try on as much as possible for size reference.
Worn one time. Brand new. 110.00 USD shipped.
Bump for pics.
Sda D1002
Quote: Originally Posted by Tck13 Not with socks I hope. Black dress socs cause I like to feel as much as I can through the pegs. Its pretty bad.
Churchill because his personal philosophies have influenced me greatly In a nutshell,when he was reelected PM during the depths of WWII he stated that a great weight was lifted from his shoulders because he was now in a position to do something about the situation. Most people would carry that responsibility as a burden, but his confidence was so great that it relieved him of the burden of impotence in the situation. A great way to look at our lives in general. It is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tck13 I dunno, maybe you could wear that out with a nice pair of Chelseas? Or maybe some adidas all stars? Then you'd be good to go. Maybe you'd start a new trend? When I'm at the racetrack I actually wear birkenstocks with that suit on. Its scary.
I guess we should define what is meant by "riding" and what you want out of a jacket. I want the absolute best protection I can get and looks second. But looks do...
I just got these from BIG yesterday and they are too small. I can't return them because they have been soaked. Asking 200.00 shipped. Measurements Waist...
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