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Quote: Originally Posted by fpo How much wear on the SDA-105s? Just around the house for a total of maybe 12 hours. Like I said I think they were mislabeled as a 33. I have the 103, 1293 and the D1002 which is the same cut as the 105 in 33 and they are all perfect. These are just too small in the waist. I'm going to get another pair as soon as these are sold. Mike
bump for pics
Brand new SDA sd-105 33W purchased thru 2000db in one wash state 200USD + shipping. pbj xx005 33W worn for about 3 weeks shortened 2.5 inches at BIG. 180USD + shipping. Will post pics and measurements if anybody is interested. Mike PBJ's Waist 34.5 Thigh 22.5 Knee 17 Hem 17 Inseam 32 SDA's Waist 32.5 Not a typo I think these were mislabeled 33's Thigh 23 Knee 17 Hem...
I vote Reds. You can always send them back. BUT let me throw this in there. i got the PBJ 005's in a 34 which is 2 up for me in anything but SDA and Hot soaked and hot dried and they are a nice regular fit. They will be my hot day jeans. I had to throw that in there just to confuse the issue a little more.
From what you're saying I would look at the Oni's or PBJ's too. Are you looking at wearing your jeans in the summer because in the heat down there you will want something looser and I think the slubbiness would feel feel a little less sticky.
T, Put up some pictures. They may not be too tight but something you're just not used to. And remember this particular denim is a bitch to stretch. I"m wearing my 103's and I was in a panic cause as you know I sized up to a 33 and these F'ers were tight. I haven't taken them off other than to shower and they are getting just right after 3 days and two nights of sleeping in them. What you're going to like is that once they get right they won't keep stretching like Nudie or...
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron I don't think there is a style of leather jacket that looks particularly bad in brown versus its black counterpart. I personally don't like mid browns in pea coat, trench, or car coat form, I just find no matter how expensive the leather the jacket looks "cheap." A really dark brown or a light tan motorcycle jacket is where it's at for me. J's suggestion to buy something from someone like is your...
Upgrade later when she's really pissed at you and you need some points.
What about SDA 103?
My wife wears them and I like 'em just fine.....on a girl.
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