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Quote: Originally Posted by Bona Drag Dammit... No shit. I will be burning all my Japanese denim now.
All I wear are underarmour boxer briefs. They make most all rubbing problems disappear and they last FOREVER. Get some!
Nudie Bootcut Ola is 11 oz. Nice summer jeans. Wore them from June to September last year.
The 1108's are ultra comfy and would be a good choice for FL IMO. However, on me at least they tend to fall down in the back causing diaper ass so I'm always pulling them up. S stated previously i wear 34 in PBJ and 32 in Fullcount.
For reference I wear 33 in SDA's, 32 in Sammie's, 32 in Fullcount and 34 in PBJ xx005 so take that for what it's worth. None are uber-tight except the Sam 710 but it's supposed to be and it feels great on my gigantic member! So if you want tight legs but room for your junk I say get the Samurai 710. The 5000 is cut looser and to get it tight like the PBJ's you'd be right back where you started.
Keep 'em. I love little turnips like that. I wear my Sd 103's and Fullcount 1108's like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Christofuh Did I hear somebody mention Salma's name ? OMG!OMG!OMG! You motorboatin' son of a bitch! Did you motorboat those cans?
Daily bump.
Try parachutes on superfuture.
^^^ Thanks for the bump.
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