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A little to small for me. Approx. 2wks of wear. Msmts below. Hot soaked and dried so shrinking should be done. Waist 34 Thigh 12.5 Knee 8.5 Hem 7.75 Inseam 33.75 (hemmed at BIG) Asking 225USD shipped in the US.
I have both and I agree w/drizzit on everything. However if you wanted you could def get a 30 in the 103 and be fine. I have both in 33 and the SDA looks great on the snug side. Definitely not tight but "just right" IMO.
SDA D1002 can be dressed up very nicely. I wear them only as a dressy jean to keep them clean and as dark as I can.
If you liked your Zathan's you should be aware that the Ola has an anti-fit seat. The waist will stretch like a bitch also. Not knocking the Ola. I have a pair and they are great summer jeans at 11oz. They are just not that similar to Zathan's IMO. Also consider SDA 105 and D1002. Top is more like a Zathan cut than Ola with a small bootcut.
I agree totally on the stacking points. I always wondered if I was the shortest guy around. 5'11" and 31 inseam. The only jeans I stack are the Samurai 710. All my others I have hemmed pretty drastically compared to most people. I also don't like a sloppy look. Seems like too many people on SuFu wear jeans as stated previously(too tight,too long) and just end up looking disheveled. I think I look pretty good in Sammie 5000's and 710's because I wear them like Joe...
Quote: Originally Posted by v84 god is it frowned upon to quote oneself??? I sized down two, glad I did, they dont look very slim on me, I love em but the legs are super long and I STILL dont have any shoes to go with em, I bought some vans chukkas but they are too slim to support the 17oz fabric stacking..... I think something from frye may go well... alterion - As much as I adore the sammies, I still want the PBJ Bks, damn...
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock you should either just wait until they release a 710 cut in black again (slim tapered) or order directly from samurai. send an email to they're always very helpful The 710 in black will be my next purchase if/when it happens.
I'm with Poly, size down 2. They stretch like a fucker.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Actually, I'd say that Kicking Mules are as good or better than SDAs. I think that the LHT that SDA uses is pretty unique, but I would say that I'd recommend Kicking Mule over SDA - better fit generally, better construction, and comparable denim quality, although I have both, and do love my SDAs. Alllllrighty then. Talkin' down on the SDA's and we got a problem here. Seriously, I am no expert but when I...
Everyone should have a pair of 103's> Except super tall guys. Inseam is not the longest. Ask Tljenkin.
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