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That chambray is brilliant. Between BIG and Epaulet all I need is Target for underwear and socks and I'm set. Now get those navy chinos in. I'm jonesing here.
Triple cuff, been doin' it for years.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arizor I have these and can't stop wearing them, fantastic boot. +1 on that. Although after getting the unlined chukka today I believe these have a rival.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vaitek I agree that the soles are pretty big on these. Mike, would you mind tossing a link to the boots you are referring to? Thanks!
I think the LW's are better with chinos and jeans nd heavier trousers but that's just me. They are quite substantial. I go back to the Leydon last on the flex sole as being more versatile. I have shoes in Trubalance, Barrie and Leydon and the Leydon shell boots get the most wear by a pretty good margin because of the middle of their road nature. On the other hand those LW's are the bees knees with jeans and chinos.
The toe is not nearly as bulbous IRL. For me the Leydon last is a great all rounder. For general office wear (even a very casual worksite) the leydon wingtip would be a better option than the Indy IMO. Then after work with jeans or chinos you will have more steeze than the Indy can give. This depends on your age also. If you are < 30, wings may be a little much for a lot of people. +1 on epaulet, I just got the snuff suede chukkas and snuff LW's, the chukkas are...
Quote: Originally Posted by Vaitek Did a search, but couldn't find any posts on the AF102 from Alden of Carmel. Any thoughts on this shoe? IMO I would stick with the boot on a commando sole. I love the shoe on the oiked sole though. I was close to picking it up but went with the epaulet version in suede instead. I have the shell version of the boots in #8 and black and they get...
Mine came without pulltabs. Maybe Tom ordered the black without because of requests. If they had come with them i would have cut them off.
Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp Did you remove the rear pull tab from those jumpers, or did they come w/o? these came without tabs which i was happy about.
Quote: Originally Posted by velomane Anyone have any pics of the previous run of LS Jumpers? I'm torn between these or the NST in the new preorder.
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