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Sorry for the bad pics on the black. I had to take these at home tonight on my kids camera.
for sale are 2 pairs of shell longwings. The first is a 9c in #8 on leather sole. worn several times, asking $250 us OBO. 2nd pair is 9d black shell longwing on commando sole. also worn several times, asking $250 OBO. These shoes are in very good condition. You all know what they look like but of course will provide pics upon request. Thanks for looking, Mike
Does anybody have a 15 or 20% off code? Wife's needing a fix. Any help appreciated.
So to update in the hope that it may help somebody else. The problem with the shoes is that they allow my foot to slide too far forward so my forefoot? and my toes get cramped up. The problem has been solved easily enough by a leather heel insert which keeps my foot secured where it should be. Needles to say it's a big relief because I really love the look of these shoes and knew with the correct fit they would feel great. Thanks for all the replies and advice....
Final redux before Ebay
Quote: Originally Posted by well-kept The toebox is the least stretchable part of the shoe. It is strongly reinforced to keep its shape. Some makers use synthetic forms between the lining and upper to create the toebox shape, others use heavy leather. I've never disassembled an Alden so I don't know what they use but the chances that it will stretch are slight to nil. Let me rephrase that. It is not the toebox exactly but the part right behind...
Thanks for the replies so far. So is stretching an option? They feel fine eveywhere but the toebox. These are 9D and I tried 9.5D and they were swimming on me. I'm really bummed because I love these shoes and can tell with the right fit they would be very comfortable.
My other shoes feel fine. I.m hoping that it will just take a little extra time for the cordo to mold to the contours of my feet rather than the shoes being the wrong size. The double layer of leather along with the heavy sole makes this a very stiff shoe.
My feet start feeling numb after a while. Compared to my other shoes they seen to have adequate room. I like shoes to be a bit snug when new so they mold to my feet after some wear. This doesn't seem to be happening with these. I may have them stretched but wanted to get some feedback before I take that route.
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