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Are these true to size?
Almost new. Worn maybe 10 times. Pics to follow on Monday. Just putting these up while I'm out of town. Size 10D. 250.00 US plus shipping depending where you are.
You have PM.
150 shipped
Will 70 shipped do it?
Nice boots. Chippewa Engineers in black bomber leather. Sorta roughout leather. As you can see they have a decent amount of wear on them. Almost all of it on a motorcycle. Many bugs have died on these boots. 60.00 USD shipped in the US. Creek says buy these boots or die!
Another price drop. These really are great shoes. i wish photos could do them justice. 200 usd shipped in the US.
Quote: Originally Posted by wj1971 Nice shoes. You forgot to name your price. Why not consolidate your sale threads? You have several threads with one item in each. Good point. Will do it tomorrow. Price added. 200.00 USD shipped in the US
I purchased these from another Forum member and even though they are too small I have been unable to bring myself to part with them. As some of you may have noticed I have several pairs of shoes FS right now. My feet have been breaking down over the last couple years and the majority of my shoes are unwearable. So have sympathy on me and buy 'em up. Anyway, here are the Tramezzas. marked 9 EE but fit like 9D. Worn 5 times max. 200.00 USD shipped in the US
Current Pics.
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