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Amazing fabric and cut is perfect for me. I have another pair reserved when they restock. The fabric has a great sheen to it that really makes them stand out. Slim without being skinny. I literally see these lasting for years
I have this boot in black and #8. The #8 does not have the blind eyelets unfortunately. I wear both a lot. In my job I'm tramping through muck on a regular basis inspecting properties so they're real handy for that. They look pretty good with anything except a slim suit in lightweight material. I think of the Leydon as a jack of all trades last. Good at everything, not that great at anything. But with my budget and uses it's hard to have shoes that are too narrowly...
jeans 250 button down 150 chinos 150ish shoes 700 trousers 100 suits 800 dress shirts 100 ties 75 I get all my work (dress) clothes off the bay and here on B&S and dress like a snob. RLPL, Charvet, Corneliani, Kiton etc. I don't buy used shoes so Alden is killing me right now. Just need some Epaulet and SDA chinos and I'm set for spring and summer.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrG So what do they burn when they win at basketball? I personally participated in the burning of a couch after the win over Penn State in 84. Not sure what the object of choice is nowadays.
Quote: Originally Posted by danracer you coulddo like steve urkel like i said....triple cuff
Being that I am a native of and current resident of the great state of West Virginia I just have to say "How 'bout them Mountaineers?"
I love brushing my shells. It goes along with my obsessive personality.
I am down for the navy chinos in 34 and the chambray in large to wear with MY west egg wings. Holy Shit Batman, I be turning myself on. Keep it coming!
Quote: Originally Posted by velomane And thus it begins...Hi, my name is Mike, and I'm a shellaholic. No kidding. Now add "I am also a beginning suedeaholic." Wearing the Epaulet suede longwings for the first time today and I'm as happy as a little girl.
^^^ You will love them. And it will be worth it.
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