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Quote: Originally Posted by Woodyear Can anyone tell me where i can order aldens in a c width? Seems like a pretty basic question. Start with Shoemart and if that fails call Alden direct. If you don't have a store near they will sell direct.
Funny how everyone clamors over the rarer colors of shell but the well aged #8 always impresses most. Personally, Amlaii's #8 Indy's are what sold me on Alden. With that said I anxiously await delivery of Cigar chukka from Shoemart tomorrow. They just seem perfect for spring and summer. Current collection of "rare" shell is cigar Indy, whiskey chukka and the aforementioned cigar chukkas, but my #8 Indys anD 8 wingtip boots from AoC get the most wear by far. My balck shell...
More kudos on the chinos. I love having my wife tell me to buy more clothes. Just ordered my 4th pair, this time the heavyweights. Thanks Mike for making GREAT clothes at an affordable price point. I'm a small business owner myself and I know what it takes to run an operation top to bottom and I wish you continued and long success. Regards, Mike
Will you be carrying the BSMC Millerain in the rust color also?
Purchased new from Shoemart and worn 10 times max. Aberdeen just won't work for me. Will e-mail pics if there is interest. 400 shipped in the US.
Just got the Gunmetal gray chinos and West Egg sand LW's. I knew I would love the shoes having purchased the snuff suede last year but the chinos blew me away. My wife liked them so much she had me order two more pair in British khaki and navy. Kudos on the chinos!
Where can I get some laces online? Tried e-mailing Alden but got no response and its been 3 weeks. I need black, #8 and cigar boot length.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug So i'm the only one who likes the girl on the left better? Left takes it going away.
[quote=arrow;3154646]Got 'em delivered today... Mine will be here monday. Then I am done for a while. If I break down please shoot me.
Chicken noodle soup on snuff suede. Left a big dark stain on the vamp. Any suggestions? Water had zero effect.
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