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It's been a good couple of weeks. First the Zegna Su Misura 15milmil15 that I mentioned a wee or two ago. (tagged 56R available) Went back to follow-up at the same store and found a Gianluca Isaia sport coat. (tagged 60R and available) Then there was this bespoke suit and tweed sport coat for the same guy. My third and fourth Huntsman finds. Finally, can I get an authenticity check on this tie? Real or Fake? Well made and has a metallic/reflective quality to...
+2... Although I'm still questioning myself for leaving two Su Misura sport coats (dated 2005) last night with extensive pit sweat. Fortunately, the 15mimil15 Su Misura from the same donor that I brought home is in excellent condition.Does anyone have any easy methods for removing pit stains? One was so bad that the underarm of the wool body material was stained.
It's been a long time since I've posted something worth bragging about. Alden for Brooks Brothers Shell Cordovan (9016). Size 7 1/2 B/D and available. Is this the beginning of a tear or just scuff?
FYI, BB&B has a new moving site where you can sign up to get a 20% off entire purchase coupon instantly. Since it's an email one it does expire within 2 weeks and they won't take it expired.
You're welcome. As I said, I got it cheap on clearance at Marshalls. I hadn't had a use for it and hadn't gotten around to selling it. It wasn't doing anyone any good siting in my drawer.
Thanks for all the advice. An update on the situation. I got the package back saying the buyer was "no longer a resident." I messaged him telling him about the returned package and he informed me that he was in the process of moving, but his former apartment complex was supposed to be holding his mail. He still wanted the tie so I re-shipped the tie to his new address and it's supposed to be delivered on Monday.
Has anybody had any success in finding a package filling a USPS "missing mail" claim? I shipped a tie to a buyer that says delivered, but he says he never got it. He thinks his mail carrier delivered it to the wrong box at his apartment. He's checked his apartment office, their mail room, and left a note with the mail carrier. Anybody got any suggestions I can pass on to the buyer that might help him get the package? I've already filed the missing mail claim, but have not...
Up for sale are 3 NWT Band of Outsiders blue oxfords in size 3. 100% cotton and made in the US. Rear darts and a faux box pleat. Price $115 -> $105 shipped CONUS each. Will ship internationally; just send me a PM for a shipping quote. Measurements Neck: 17" Shoulder: 18.5" Pit-to-Pit: 20" Length (from bottom of collar): 28.5" Width at Second Button from Bottom: 19" Width at Bottom Opening): 20" Sleeve Length (from shoulder seam): 26"
]NWT $178 29/32 Levi's 501 Shrink-to-fit Button-fly. “Rigid” raw selvedge. Made in USA. 100% Cotton. Price $105 -> $95 OBO shipped CONUS SOLD. International buyers please message me for shipping quote.[/B] Measurements Half waist: 14.5” Inseam: 32” Front rise: 11” Rear rise: 15” Thigh width(measured at 1" below crotch seam): 11.5” Knee width (measured at 14" below crotch seam): 8.5” Leg opening: 8” NWT $178 29/34 Levi's 505 Straight-fit zipper-fly. “Rigid” raw...
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