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Anybody had experience with Dormeuil "Fresh Traveler"? I think it's a worsted panama.
You've seen the book? Pictures aren't yet posted on the website.
I was happy to receive something of an inside scoop and posted about this last year (11/17/15). I remain hopeful about "Fresco Lite." Not sure how much it will part ways with the 8/9 oz. in the current Fresco books. It would be nice to see an RAF Blue, as well as an additional grey...or two. And a lighter shade of navy.
Highs today in the upper 90s. Almost zero wind. I know, I know, the old refrain: "Stop complaining. You'd be hot if you wore linen shorts and a t-shirt. Don't sacrifice the (sacred) drape!" It's days like today I'd like to pen a friendly letter to Antich. Please weave a super 90s (or even 100's) high twist plain weave worsted that's actually porous. A (very) open weave. Similar to Minnis Fresco 0500, but a 7 oz. weight. I don't care what it's called. Too many...
@epaulet Is there a version of the Southwick Cambridge model (undarted, single breasted, natural shoulder, center hook vent, etc.) that features 3/8 lining (sleeves and very top of the back only)? The standard Cambridge lining is 1/2, but I'd much prefer the 3/8. Many thanks in advance.
Speaking of linen, has anybody given Yorkshire Fabric a go? Not just for linen, but any/all cloth. I've sent emails but no reply, which doesn't inspire confidence.
Any opinions on John Hanna (Baird McNutt) Milltown?
Heavy linen? No thanks. It's 90 plus degrees in the Northeast today. My 8 oz. Robert Noble silk-linen blend jacket is great, but I can't imagine anything heavier. You can get that stubby-tweedy look (either linen, silk-linen, or worsted-silk-linen) in 8 oz. cloth. Robert Noble and Baird McNutt are my favorites. Magee weaves some great looking tweedy-stubby linen--classic glen check patterns. They did the classic brown-cream with blue overcheck PoW for their jackets. ...
Here's an ad circa the early-to-mid 60s. Rosenberg of New Haven. I suppose it stands to reason that any cloth that can be woven so as to render a tartan/plaid can be woven as a solid.
Thanks. Paul Winston (Chipp) sold navy madras blazers way back when, and apparently Rosenberg (New Haven) sold them, as well.
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