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Does anybody have access to the Smith Woollens LUXURY FLANNELS book?
Of course, Minnis/Hardy (HFW) was 'just' the merchant. Antich was responsible for the weaving of that beefy but porous Rangoon. It's likely Minnis could no longer source the yarn for that quality. For its heft and finish, it deserves praise. Very unique. But other tropicals were similar but breathed better. It's easy to see why the old school bench tailors liked it, though. Maybe the best all-around summertime travel cloth I know of.
MINNIS RANGOON. Curious if anybody has any of this great cloth. -Knox.
Has anyone heard about (or tried) the Lovat Mill "Mace" cloth? Panama weave. Around 9.5 oz. Lighter than their "Bard" fresco(ish) cloth.
The possibility of a 7/8 oz. Fresco? So I hear. In the future.
I refer this question to the Lesser experts among us. I just came across some solid grey plain weave coth numbered 30306. Any idea which book this is/was from?
Is the red-brown on cream with navy border check a possibility in lightweight Shetland? The Duke of Windsor version.
Does anyone know if Lovat Mill offers a fresco or panama that's neither the Bard (an 11 oz. Frescoesque cloth) nor the Alden/LLCC Piuma?
I'm all in for the Breanish PoW, providing it's the classic maroonish-brown/cream with navy border check.
I too am interested in a good linen herringbone. And glen check patterns as well. Magee is the best source for "linen tweed," but good luck getting swatches.
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