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You've seen the book? Pictures aren't yet posted on the website.
I was happy to receive something of an inside scoop and posted about this last year (11/17/15). I remain hopeful about "Fresco Lite." Not sure how much it will part ways with the 8/9 oz. in the current Fresco books. It would be nice to see an RAF Blue, as well as an additional grey...or two. And a lighter shade of navy.
Highs today in the upper 90s. Almost zero wind. I know, I know, the old refrain: "Stop complaining. You'd be hot if you wore linen shorts and a t-shirt. Don't sacrifice the (sacred) drape!" It's days like today I'd like to pen a friendly letter to Antich. Please weave a super 90s (or even 100's) high twist plain weave worsted that's actually porous. A (very) open weave. Similar to Minnis Fresco 0500, but a 7 oz. weight. I don't care what it's called. Too many...
@epaulet Is there a version of the Southwick Cambridge model (undarted, single breasted, natural shoulder, center hook vent, etc.) that features 3/8 lining (sleeves and very top of the back only)? The standard Cambridge lining is 1/2, but I'd much prefer the 3/8. Many thanks in advance.
Speaking of linen, has anybody given Yorkshire Fabric a go? https://www.yorkshirefabric.com/collections/derry Not just for linen, but any/all cloth. I've sent emails but no reply, which doesn't inspire confidence.
Any opinions on John Hanna (Baird McNutt) Milltown? http://jhannaltd.com/collections/milltown/products/milltown-new-indigo
Heavy linen? No thanks. It's 90 plus degrees in the Northeast today. My 8 oz. Robert Noble silk-linen blend jacket is great, but I can't imagine anything heavier. You can get that stubby-tweedy look (either linen, silk-linen, or worsted-silk-linen) in 8 oz. cloth. Robert Noble and Baird McNutt are my favorites. Magee weaves some great looking tweedy-stubby linen--classic glen check patterns. They did the classic brown-cream with blue overcheck PoW for their jackets. ...
Here's an ad circa the early-to-mid 60s. Rosenberg of New Haven. http://theivyleaguelook.blogspot.com/2011/04/indian-madras-blazers-1964.html I suppose it stands to reason that any cloth that can be woven so as to render a tartan/plaid can be woven as a solid. http://www.ivy-style.com/indian-summer-this-is-your-madras-being-made.html
Thanks. Paul Winston (Chipp) sold navy madras blazers way back when, and apparently Rosenberg (New Haven) sold them, as well.
Anybody know of a source for Indian madras cloth? Solid navy.
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