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MINNIS RANGOON. Curious if anybody has any of this great cloth. -Knox.
Has anyone heard about (or tried) the Lovat Mill "Mace" cloth? Panama weave. Around 9.5 oz. Lighter than their "Bard" fresco(ish) cloth.
The possibility of a 7/8 oz. Fresco? So I hear. In the future.
I refer this question to the Lesser experts among us. I just came across some solid grey plain weave coth numbered 30306. Any idea which book this is/was from?
Is the red-brown on cream with navy border check a possibility in lightweight Shetland? The Duke of Windsor version.
Does anyone know if Lovat Mill offers a fresco or panama that's neither the Bard (an 11 oz. Frescoesque cloth) nor the Alden/LLCC Piuma?
I'm all in for the Breanish PoW, providing it's the classic maroonish-brown/cream with navy border check.
I too am interested in a good linen herringbone. And glen check patterns as well. Magee is the best source for "linen tweed," but good luck getting swatches.
Has anybody worked with Hield Bros. recently? I hear their basic panama is outstanding, as well as their version of Fresco. Related, does anybody know who (in Manhattan) has Hield Bros. books? Thanks.
I received a few Summer Comfort samples last year, thinking I'd buy big (60 meters). The quality is BL139. My favorite was/is the solid gray. 250g, but the bulk is reminiscent of Crispaire, which is a no-go for the hottest, most humid days of summer. I can see why bench tailors love the stuff, but, again, for me it works better in May, June, and September. There's Panache. Fox also makes a panama worthy of mention. And, to borrow from an earlier post, if you're okay...
New Posts  All Forums: