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There's a new Minnis Flannel book. 14.5 woollen flannel, as well as 11.5 oz. worsted flannel. Not necessarily an improvement, as the "old" flannel book was/is superb--if you like dry-handed, close felted woolen flannels (which I do). Calls to mind the Harrisons Archive Flannel and the heavier (LL/Alden inspired) Fox flannels. Not everybody's cup of tea. Seems as though the fashion world tends toward the softer, mushier flannels. There will be a new Fresco book. ...
AF /RAF Blue is tricky. The old Lesser 8/9 oz. included a couple of nice shades, but the new 8/9 misses the mark. "Blueberryish" is about right. Depends on the business setting. Better to go with a char(coal)-blue, I think. Especially for worsteds. The Minnis RAF Blue in the flannel book looks good, but it's sufficiently dark. The Fox char-navy in the 8/9 oz. flannel book is spot on.
Abacus is one of the better Smith books. Ever. Calls to mind the old H. Lesser 9.5/10 plain weave. I thought the greys in the Abacus book were long gone, never to be replenished. Is there an updated version of Abacus? edit: The Harrisons LBD person claims Frontier is similar to the Lesser 9.5/10. I disagree. Abacus is much closer to the Lesser, and Harrisons would do well to approximate the 9.5/10 yarn and weave it up into a few solids and stripes. Maybe the best...
Is anyone familiar with H. Lesser 8/9 oz. blue, #34108? Pics would be most welcome. Not available via Harrisons website.
I am on a quest for some good (tan) cotton poplin cloth. Would prefer a UK mill. Thinking around 9 oz. Any recommendations?
It has been confirmed. "Fresco Lite" is a real thing and in the works. Look for it 2016.
Isn't Antich the weaver of Fresco? HFW's just the merchant, correct? I think Antich was the Rangoon weaver, as well. http://www.cj-antich.com When they can figure out a 7/8 oz. Fresco, they'll sell gobs of the stuff. New York summers are not London summers. When the temperature reaches the mid 90s and the humidity rises to over 50%, 8/9 oz. Fresco feels oppressive. I'll grant that a t-shirt and shorts would feel oppressive, but every ounce counts. Also, for all the...
As for Breanish--look ahead to a "Macleod of Lewis" Shetland book. Machine woven, full width. As opposed to the single width Hattersley Loom stuff that fell under the category "Breanish." If this brings the cost down, I"m all for it. Speaking of great cloth: Does anyone have any remaining meterage of the old Lesser 9.5/10 oz. panama/plain weave? Thanks.
Anybody up for a custom Breanish Tweed run? BTW, I hear there will be a new 10 oz. Shetland book this fall.
And prices vary from seller to seller. The same (Lovat Mill, Ettrick line) tweed, two different online sources-- http://www.intweed.co.uk/goods-for-sale/overcheck-tweeds/medium-weight-lovat-mill-kirkton-tweed-574 http://www.yorkshirefabric.com/?product=beige-with-brown-green-check-tweed Yorkshire Fabric is a breath of fresh air, in terms of pricing and service. I managed to buy a few of the book closeout cheviots, but, generally speaking, W. Bill is outlandish. Three...
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