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Pannacotta doesn't get nearly enough love, but the fruit and cream aspect makes it my personal favorite. A tart raspberry followed by a light cream sweetness is perfect.
Credit though, to whoever thought of writing those long-winded descriptions on the side. People actually read that stuff! is Eurosport, a great source. The difference in pricing is all based on the materials. Some shoes are made with synthetic leather (plastic) and less technology (i.e. no external heel counter) and this is what makes them cheaper. The hundred dollar model might include calf or kangaroo leather, thus increasing the price.
Tonight I took my measurements and I have a 32 inch waist but my length I'm having some difficulty figuring out. To my anklebone is 30 inches, but to the base of my heel is 32. I have a couple of pants with 32 length and they are certainly too long, which makes me think that their dimensions don't match their label. Does anyone know what I would wear for APC New Standard? Thanks! P.S. Does the NS come in colors other than black? I'm looking for a pair of...
I think HOW you shave is far more important that WHAT you shave with. I could be using the Mach 5 Power razorblade with the specialty shave gel, and still manage to cut myself to the point of light bleeding. To remain nick-free I have to wet my neck with a few splashes of water, and use generous amounts of shaving cream. After every couple of strokes, rinse, and reapply. This method takes a good amount of time (15-20 mins. for just the neck) but it looks good.
For better results, just remember FIT; or Frequency, Intensity, Time. F Frequency How often are you working out? You could run a full 10km, but if you're only doing it once a week, you'll probably not get the results you desire. I would recommend splurging on a pair of comfy trainers and trying to run at least three times a week I Intensity You may wonder why one person is breaking into full sweat at 5km/hr while another is comfotably jogging at 7km/hr. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford How do you consistently wear 3-day stubble? Even going back to Don Johnson/Miami Vice I've never understood this... don't you have to shave every few days and then wouldn't there be a day or two before the stubble grows back... and then if you didn't shave... wouldn't it get too long... Somebody explain how this works? People want the appearance of three-day stubble, but they don't get the look by...
Also be sure to apply PLENTY of warm water to your face and massage the bristly har to get the skin's oils going. This will help make your shave smoother.
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